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Huang Thick Wine

Shaanxi flavor to their dishes point contains a rich cultural history and taste for more and more visitors by understanding and love. Feast on the banquet is, regardless of family dining, so the most famous drinks in Shaanxi Huang started the popularity of the Thick Wine. Now, from the Grand Hotel to the Neighborhood and snack shops everywhere selling hot in the Thick Wine, Xi'an, as well as many old people and children and also be able to say a few words about外地客Yang and Thick Wine to the legend.
Huang Thick Wine is caused Xiaoqu glutinous rice and sweet, with its fragrant named Huang. This wine like a玉液,绵甜mellow, long aftertaste, it is said of its history can be traced back to the Zhou Dynasty's "mash sweet wine." By research, invention in distilled spirits, our ancestors have been drinking is such a wine, especially in the Tang Dynasty, "Li Bai's poems斗酒100, Chang'an City上酒家sleep, called the Son of Heaven had come on board, claiming Hill is Sally wine. "Du Fu's here,"斗酒"Thick Wine refers on this point唐墓murals unearthed in recent years as evidence can also: 1992 in Chang'an County, South Lane Wangcun unearthed Wei
Family's tomb in the courtyard there is a banquet master map, chart, there are two girls from both sides of the wine on the side seats. Archaeological experts have pointed out that the wine is drawn next to the current pressure is from the client, as in Li Bai's poem "Man-shop wind Lau Fa-Xiang, Wu Ji pressure to persuade visitors to taste wine," described the scene. The key is a "pressure" character, that is human to make wine with juice and separated from the lees, this scenario in today's Xi'an, a number of "old" can still be seen in hotels.

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