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Xi'an city wall in the northwest there is a place called Jiaochang door, as the name implies, was probably the Eight Banners soldiers, green exercise the powers of the local soldiers. "Gate" did not see, but for a long period of time, "teaching field gate," the words appear in Xi'an's population, are often hung behind the other two words "饸饹."
Buckwheat noodles made from the use of comparison is called a fixed饸饹buckwheat noodles. According to some research that this food has been in the Yuan Dynasty, Yuan based on the王桢the "Book of agricultural buckwheat" in section "the North after the诸郡kinds of grinding for the soup noodles or cakes, Wei River leakage. "" river leakage, ""饸饹", both in the pronunciation of Putonghua is based on whether the cavity is very similar to those in Shaanxi, and perhaps the former to the latter is the sound bar

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